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Recommended Framework for Face Threads (Facemakers and viewers PLEASE READ)

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Starting XI
***Firstly I would like to make it clear that I am NOT talking down to any of you from my point of view as a veteran facemaker around Soccergaming's FIFA forums since 2004.

***My point for this thread is to share my experience, and on top of that, recommendation about what can be done to increase the efficiency of the current FIFA Faces Forum.

***Key points are bold, in blue. Examples are in dark green.

-To Facemakers:

I so happened to pass by the FIFA 10 Faces Forum and realized that the current generation facemakers, though doing a good job in facemaking, are making it rather hard for viewers to accurately judge and comment on your works every time comments are required by you (for example when your previews come together with phrases such as 'any comments?', 'please comment', etc.)

This could be due to the fact that no reference pictures (or loosely known as original pictures) are being shown next to the 3D previews of the faces.

And the result of this, of course, is that most comments from viewers come in the form of 'great, perfect', or 'bad, please fix', (since there is no concrete source for them to compare your works with) These comments are nonetheless vague and not particularly constructive - similar to the pattern of spamming - in spite of the highly welcomed fact that most viewers' intention is to show gratitude and appreciation for your works.

That's why I would like to recommend that all facemakers should, as closely as possible, follow a certain posting framework:
Every time a face preview is posted, please include in your post:

-3D Preview IF NO suggestions for improvement are required by you (Posting reference picture is optional)

-3D Preview + Reference picture IF suggestions for improvement ARE REQUIRED BY YOU.

- To viewers:

I would like to recommend viewers to increase the number of constructive criticisms, with clear suggestions of what, where and how facemakers should update their faces, (for example: narrower nose tip, widen mouth, thicken upper/lower lip, make eyes closer together, brighten skin tone, etc.) coming from you.

In the event that you want to suggest for improvements of faces that facemakers DO NOT require constructive comments, you may make a REQUEST for them to post reference pictures later on. Whether or not will they accept this request is their choice to make though.

***I understand that while there are those who find this framework useful, others might think of it as redundant. Rest assured, my intention is only to help maximising the general growth of the current generation's FIFA Faces Forum.

The community would very much appreciate cooperation from all of you.

Best regards :)

Not open for further replies.