Refereeboards for fifa 14/15/16 by jf

Jordan FTS

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Refereeboard copa del rey 2022



Jordan FTS

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For those who are just going to install the referees and do not know how to put it in the game, here I tell you how:
1.paste the files in data/sceneassets/prop if this last folder does not exist create it
2. Pon este archivo en data/fifarna/lua/assets
and that would be all I hope you like my editions thanks

Jordan FTS

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longer I upload the english pack
premier league preview

in the pack will come:
premier league
Fa cup Community Shield by JF
carabao cup and efl championship by @pao4ever


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Do they all heve the same name for fifa 14/15/16? It's just copy past? Cuz my prop folder has names like digitalboard_224.rx3 ect.