[REL|FIFAM13] ASI Loader for FIFA Manager


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ASI Loader is a tool for loading .ASI plugins in FIFA Manager.

What is ASI plugin?
It's a dynamic library with .asi extension which is attached to some process (in case of FM, it can be Editor, Manager, or Resolutool).

Why do we need this?
As for developer, It gives you ability to modify exe code/data values without editing the exe file itself.
As for user, it gives you ability to load .ASI plugins which were made by developers.

There's plugin-std C/C++ header file in API folder. It brings some functions for checking current process you attached to.
Maybe API will be extended in future.

Any example?
Sure. Here, for example, a code of simple plugin written in C++ which changes game's start date to 2016:

How to create plugins?
Programming and reversing skills are required.
You need to know how to write and compile dynamic libraries.