Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures


Here's the Requests Thread:


- post a kit you want people to make for you.
- provide, if possible, logos, sponsors and the actual jersey's pictures.


- if you accept to make a kit for somebody, please post a link here to your Kit's Thread where you're working (or already made) the kit.

Thanks :)


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Ascoli Kits, photos here:

Home kit:
(third kit down)

Away kit:

Also, i find the Ascoli 05-06 kits for PES4, but actually i don't remember in which thread here in soccegaming. They're correct, but hte one listed as away kit (the yellow one) is the third kit effectively, and the official away kit is the black one posted above:


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I would like to request a Club Brugge kit. Away and Home. I ask this cause my fav. club Club Brugge has not got a real shirt. Other clubs like Leverkusen, Man. U have good shirts ingame and still people ask to make new onces, over and over again while they already have one! So please, make my request.


Thanks in advance to whoever would wants to make it.


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has anybody done those Ascoli jerseys??

that would be super if anyone could tell me where to find them.

also..anybody know where i can find Cagliari Jerseys to post so someone can create those kits as well??

thanks ppl


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Hey I know there are some Arsenal jerseys but could someone make a 2G one of both home and away? I saw one, but they spelled "Highbury" "Hughbury".