Restoring default backgrounds, faces and sponsors


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I have recently installed the russian league patch 2008, but seeing that it has installed new backgrounds, and changed the interface language from english to russian, I decided to get rid of it by reinstalling fifa. Now theoretically, everything should be gone, back to normal right? Well, apparently no :(

I've used MonkeyDragon's background editor and that has restored the main background back to normal (the one you see when you first enter fifa), but the russian ones still remain. I loaded my career, and now I see a random manager face with a russian sponsor!!! and to top it off, one of the faces for my players has changed to some random photo of a player.... -_-" anyone know how to go about restoring the original backgrounds, faces and sponsors?
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


Youth Team
Backgrounds:delete folder back in:/data/gui/assets
Sponsors:delete folder sponsors in:/data/gui/assets if they aren't in assets they are in assets cmn
Faces:should be in zdata_44.big if they used CM 08,delete it and regenerate