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Is anyone able to create retro kits from Real Madrid, Milan, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea etc?

If you join Aranaktu's discord, you can find 2-3 throwback Chelsea kits there in the section for showing the things you've created. A couple from when Drogba was there for instance.

Also, Rolls1 has made atleast one kit for Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid (google Rolls1 and kits and you should find him)


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[QUOTE = "magikz, post: 6567507, membro: 208012"] Se você se juntar à discórdia de Aranaktu, poderá encontrar 2-3 kits Chelsea de retrocesso na seção para mostrar o que você criou. Um par de quando Drogba estava lá, por exemplo.

Além disso, o Rolls1 criou pelo menos um kit para o Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid (Google Rolls1 e kits e você deve encontrá-lo) [/ QUOTE]

Rools has only fifa 20 kits from Barcelona, can you send the discord link?