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Revolution Mod 16


Youth Team
Hey guys, i have a question
How to make tournament final attendance equal for both teams just like recent version of FIFA?


Club Supporter
how to assign simple rx3 kit

eg 0 home 1 away 2 gk 3 3rd kit

i want to 4,5 6... max possible kit
what to add in team lua file pls help ?

Murillo 14

Club Supporter
hello everyone, I want to assign specific numbers, but this is my result
Sin título-2.png

my file is named like this specifickitnumbers_1880_0_0_13
the same error happens when placing them directly in CM


Club Supporter
Sorry for offtop, but maybe someone know can I turning off pitch spray feature? I mean to completely remove it: cutscene where the referee paints the pitch before a free-kick etc. I make a small retro patch and at that time no referees were engaged in such nonsense. I would be grateful to you, perhaps in some ini file there is such a function

UPD: I found a solution, had to dig into the files of the game. Put it txt in "Origin Games\FIFA 16\data\fifarna\script\" and regen

No more spray :clap:The referee doesn't even wear it.

Doesnt work for me... no change


Youth Team
Can you explain me faster which are the foulders where the scoreboards and popup are...so I can understand in which way I can put them in my game? someone??


Youth Team
I saw in some lua files from FIP that some teams have that statement, but in documentation i couldnt find it.
Only statement for name layout (for CL example i use) is this one

assignTournamentKitDetails (teamid,kittype,tournamentassetid,namefont,namecolour,namelayout, numberset,numbercolourshirt,numbercolourshort,fit,collarnumber)

Hi mate.I need to have a direct inscription of the name on the cup set. how to spell it better?
Hi, mates! :) I need some help, i've added a team to CP16, but kitnumbers are just blue and green squares, i read some time ago that the solution is delete "useoriginalkitnumberidentifier" from general.lua file, after doing this, it works.

But once i do this, some others kitnumbers are just green and blue squares, Argentina 2010 works, but Argentina 2018 doesn't, how can i fix this? I need both working, but i already don't know what to change :(


Youth Team
in the assets file

for idx=0,db.npitchsprays-1 do
gRenderObj.pitchspray[idx] = gr:Create("pitchspray", idx)
Does the above setting enable spraying?

Ale MI

Club Supporter

i didn't understand how use stadium dressing..

I have problems with the graphics of the tournaments in the stadiums: I can't assign the various characteristic banners for the various tournaments.

i use classic patch 16 rev mod and i tried with:


i used original aloha park without stadium server, goodison park with stadium server and other custom stadiums with stadium server.

but nothing..

some idea?


Youth Team

How to back up with a .bak file? I tried to simply delete the extension .bak but i previously opened it as txt file and dont work but i dont know if its for this reason​



Youth Team
Comrades, I can’t find in the revmod instructions how to set the font on the backs of the kits so that they are even straight lines? for example, for Arsenal cup kits

Screenshot ).png


Youth Team
You have description in Revolution Mod documents. Everything is there.

You need to find assign tournament kit details. There is statement for that. And have option straight or curved.