Revolution Mod 16


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Hey guys, i have a question
How to make tournament final attendance equal for both teams just like recent version of FIFA?


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how to assign simple rx3 kit

eg 0 home 1 away 2 gk 3 3rd kit

i want to 4,5 6... max possible kit
what to add in team lua file pls help ?

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hello everyone, I want to assign specific numbers, but this is my result
Sin título-2.png

my file is named like this specifickitnumbers_1880_0_0_13
the same error happens when placing them directly in CM


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Sorry for offtop, but maybe someone know can I turning off pitch spray feature? I mean to completely remove it: cutscene where the referee paints the pitch before a free-kick etc. I make a small retro patch and at that time no referees were engaged in such nonsense. I would be grateful to you, perhaps in some ini file there is such a function

UPD: I found a solution, had to dig into the files of the game. Put it txt in "Origin Games\FIFA 16\data\fifarna\script\" and regen

No more spray :clap:The referee doesn't even wear it.

Doesnt work for me... no change


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Can you explain me faster which are the foulders where the scoreboards and popup I can understand in which way I can put them in my game? someone??


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I saw in some lua files from FIP that some teams have that statement, but in documentation i couldnt find it.
Only statement for name layout (for CL example i use) is this one

assignTournamentKitDetails (teamid,kittype,tournamentassetid,namefont,namecolour,namelayout, numberset,numbercolourshirt,numbercolourshort,fit,collarnumber)

Hi mate.I need to have a direct inscription of the name on the cup set. how to spell it better?


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Hi, mates! :) I need some help, i've added a team to CP16, but kitnumbers are just blue and green squares, i read some time ago that the solution is delete "useoriginalkitnumberidentifier" from general.lua file, after doing this, it works.

But once i do this, some others kitnumbers are just green and blue squares, Argentina 2010 works, but Argentina 2018 doesn't, how can i fix this? I need both working, but i already don't know what to change :(


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in the assets file

for idx=0,db.npitchsprays-1 do
gRenderObj.pitchspray[idx] = gr:Create("pitchspray", idx)
Does the above setting enable spraying?