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Revolution Mod 20


Youth Team
Thank you so much for bringing back the revolution mod!

In your notes, you mentioned that the non-gambling kits can be used to overwrite kit files to add more kits. Can you provide an example of how the syntax would look for that?

For example, in your instructions you provide the following example.

But if I wanted to use a non-gambling kit - which has numbers 20,21,40,41,60,61, such as AIK Solka, Team ID 433, would it look like this?

Thanks again for all your hard work!

Murillo 14

Club Supporter
incredible mod, thank you very much for the contribution

I have a question I am using these lines

swapTeamKitAssetsClassic (1880,0,2000,1480,0)
swapTeamKitAssets (1880,3,1803,0)

to assign a classic kit and third kits

when I use it in FIFA without any mod, only REV MOD and the fbmod that I generate to assign the kits, it works perfectly, but when using FIP 20, I carry out the same process and do not assign me any kit, does anyone know if these mods are not compatible


FIFA 20 With REV MOD and FIP 20 in career mod (after editing the FIP 20 squads I couldn't upload it to FIFA 20)


@scouser09 or anyone know how I can make Riessar 20-21 Juve kits compatible with the Revmod? All the other kits in his pack work correctly but since the Juve's 19-20 kits come preinstalled with the Revmod and squad file, the 20-21 kits don't show in game. How can I update this using lua assignments? I'm lost at the moment. Any help would be appreciated.

Futbol Club

Club Supporter
Could someone explain to me where exactly to paste the texo line for the kit change


Thank you


Reserve Team
Fear of having a problem, I reconstructed the project, updte the REV MOD, but it does not work anymore.


Club Supporter
@ac12 mate i can confirm to you that the update of Rev Mod works. Must be something in your environments mod-game that is making some problem.


Club Supporter
could someone explain to me where exactly to put the line of text to change the face? is it possible to change hair?