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Riesscar's Modest Mods


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AIO 10.1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CZu_P-pILVbX8wXvDRkJN2iPAMQ9N4XE

Kits Added:

Levante Third
Sporting CP Home
Palermo Home
Stuttgart: Home, Away, GK and Third
Trabzonspor: Home
Inter Milan Third
Parma: Away

* I think that's all of the new ones, but I may have missed one or two

Kit numbers added:

Euro 2020

Balls Added:

League of Russia OMB

Issues addressed:

* Note that besides these, most of La Liga got another look and improvement

Inter Milan home kit socks and shorts
Union Berlin crest
Incorrect adboards
Galatasary incorrect home shorts
Valladolid home shirt without sponsor

I should have documented more carefully, but I fixed a lot of things that were incorrect. Having said that, I'm sure there are a lot of bugs/errors still. Please don't hesitate to report them in the AIO bug report thread.

Finally, note that I will almost certainly stop supporting this mod with the release of Fifa 20. This means that if there are issues you wish to report, do so soon in order that I may get a release out before the aforementioned release of Fifa 20.


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Kit Numbers 19/20:
Arsenal (ID 154) (Makispla)
Barcelona UCL
Man City UCL
Napoli (L77)
Chelsea UCL
Real Madrid UCL
Lazio (ID 60) (L77)
Liverpool UCL (ID 145)
Manchester United UCL 19/20 (Makispla)
Badges: EPL Badge 19/20
EFL Championship Badge 18/19
Serie A Sleeve Badge 19/20
Misc: Hull City Crest Updated for both the kit and as an icon

Note that if you would like minikits, install my fbmod entitled 'Legacy'.
Finally, there are quite a few collar, kit number color and name color changes that will need to be made. The best way to do this is to use RDBM or Creation Wizard, both of which can be found on SGF forums.
The easiest method is to import the 'teamkits.txt' and the 'competitionkits.txt' tables using RDBM
Let me know if there are any issues.
If there is anyone I forgot to credit, please let me know and I will do so.
Ballpack AIO:
ID 54: Mitre FA Cup Winter Ball (Credit Pao4ever) // Replaces EFL Winter Ball
ID 45: Mitre FA Cup Ball (Credit Pao4ever) // Replaces EFL Ball
ID 66: MLS AllStar Ball 19 // Replaces one of the MLS Adidas Nativo Versions
ID 111: Adidas Context Euro Qualifiers Winter Ball (Credit Pao4ever)// Replaces 2018 Winter WC Ball
ID 119: Nike Merlin Copa America Ball // Replaces default Nike Merlin Ball
ID 76: Adidas Context Euro Qualifiers Ball (Credit Pao4ever)// Replaces 2018 WC Ball
ID 77: Adidas MLS Nativo (Credit Pao4ever) // Replaces 2018 WC Final Ball
ID 120: Nike Merlin PL Ball 19/20 // Replaces Nike Merlin PL Ball 18/19
ID 148: Puma La Liga OMB // Replaces default Puma Final 1 Statement
ID 122: Nike Merlin 2 Serie A OMB 19/20 // Replaces Nike Merlin Serie A OMB 18/19
ID 123 Nike Merlin 2 19/20 // Replaces Nike Merlin Liga Nos OMB 19/20
ID 74: Select Bundersliga OMB 19/20 // Replaces Golty Euforia
All have miniballs (icons)
Please report any issues with a screenshot if possible.
Hi, I just notice that your Ballpack is missing The Adidas 19-20 Champions League ball.


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Its AIO 10 Comptible with FIP 2.2 ??

yes it's compatible but you can't use the teamkits table present in tthe aio
you must modify the teamkit tabel of the fip squad

if you wait some few days i can post the teamkit table that you can use with fip 2.2


Club Supporter
yes it's compatible but you can't use the teamkits table present in tthe aio
you must modify the teamkit tabel of the fip squad

if you wait some few days i can post the teamkit table that you can use with fip 2.2

thanks for your reply, I know what your talking about, and now I will modify my teamkit tab


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Do you have any photos?

Here are the photos for the kits.....

Thanks in advance!!!!

Home Kit

away kit

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Brilliant work, Riesscar. Thanks for all of your efforts with all the AIO releases. Would it be possible to post the PNG files for the Arsenal and Liverpool CL kit numbers? Thanks!


Club Supporter
Hi Riesscar's.
I'm a big fan of your work, without you fifa wouldn't be the same. I don't know if it's too late to place an order or you're already working on fifa 20. I just wish you could include the missing Championship kits (6 or 7 teams left). It's an important league and I wish it was complete. Thank you and in any way I will always be following your work.