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Riesscar's TV Logo Creation Tutorial


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Creating TV Watermarks Tutorial

* Note that this tutorial will refer to the operation in terms of photoshop, but the actions can be accomplished by any paint program.

THE .BIG FILE: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-TCo9G_X-hPYnULl9PBIJ5-ENFiyUevl

In order to change the TV watermark, you must first open the .big file I am posting. It is a file that contains the code and image that the game will apply.

You can use the following program - called CGFE 16 - in order to open the .big file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CoQvUBSrsLHTlAHw5miRUanJCySLMil9/view?usp=sharing

***"In order to use the program you will need to download these FIFA 16 files and unzip them to a location of your choosing. These are the base files the program will need to boot up: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CoQvUBSrsLHTlAHw5miRUanJCySLMil9/view?usp=sharing" ***

Going back to CGFE, after downloading and unzipping the folder, place it anywhere you wish and then double click the application 'GF File Explorer 16.exe'. When it first loads, it will
ask you for your FIFA 16 directory. Navigate to your Fifa 16 folder if you have it installed. If not, just choose the desktop as the folder and the program will open.

Click the option 'Open File or Folder', and then select 'Single File':

Browse to the location where you downloaded the .big file and open it:

A set of icons will appear in the box at the bottom. Select the one that I have boxed in green:

Upon selecting it, you will see the watermark image... as you will see, the image that is currently imported is text entitled "Import image here"

Now before we can import our watermark, we need to make sure that it is the right size. Although the program is reporting it as 128 x 256, it is doing so backwards. The dimensions need to be 256w x 128h. So lets say I have this watermark, and I want to resize it to fit within the .big.
I would first open the image in photoshop, then I would select the watermark:

I would then copy and paste it onto the correctly sized image you see in the program (export it as a png if you wish):

As you can see, the image is too large. So we must resize it to fit within the dimensions 256 x 128:

Now that we have made it the right size, we must erase the backround layer (in some more rudamentary programs, you may need to erase the text before copying and pasting).

Now we save the image and go back to CGFE. We select the option 'import from png':

Upon importing the image, it will appear like this:

Now press the save button:

Now we have created our .big file. The only thing left to do is to import it using Frosty Editor. The TV watermark will end with x105.big. For example, in most leagues and for generic matches, the file to replace is overlay_9105.big. We get there by selecting 'FIFA'-- Legacy Files. Then navigating to data/ui/game/overlays/generic:

Now right click the file and select 'import':

Navigate to the location of your .big file and select it to import it:

Now export it as an fbmod and you are good to go. Let me know if there are any questions.
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