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RULES - PLEASE READ FIRST (especially before making a new thread)

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Please read this before you make a thread, specially to make the forum a bit cleaner and not have a bunch of threads that speak about the same thing

1. Thread Title: This must reflect what you want to say in the thread. Remember 1st grade at school, literature? The title of a book/story/novel/etc must be a sort of sum up of what you want to tell. So, no more titles like "HELP!", "Imo", "what is happening?", "why?", "i give up", etc
Title: IMO
I think we need more kits from the MLS and not so many of Manchester, is there any way you guys can make Chicago Fire's new kit?

1.1. This is mainly a PC Version forum, if you're questioning about the game on other platform (PS, PS2, PSP, XBOX, etc), please specify or post it in the console forum.

2. No Request Threads: In the case of faces, and kits, there are special request for both; in the case of minifaces, balls, turfs, adboards, many of the makers take requests, so you can ask one of them, but ONE and only one, don't ask for adboards for Toronto FC to more than one adboard-maker. -BTW, I also ask the face/kit makers that take a look around the requests threads and take any of them, at least one per month-

3. Use the SEARCH function: Maybe other user had the same problem you're experiencing now, and he solved it; maybe that could help.

4. Question about X in the thread about X: If you're having trouble with NK patch, ask about it in the NK thread. Same with CEP, Creation Master, CC07, or whatever utility by MD or Rinaldo. Same with #3, somebody could have had the same problem you do now.

5. Question's Threads
: Please, don't make threads with questions like "Is this kit made?" or "Has anybody made this xyxyx?". Use the search function, use the requests threads or ask in a kitmaker thread, if it has been made (or not) any user will be able to tell you.

6. NO POLITICS: We're here to talk about FIFA, edit kits, graphics and the game itself. If you want to talk about politics this is not the place. In here, an English guy compliments an Argentina WC86 kit, a French gets compliments from a German. Not many people cares of the conflicts between Serbia and Montenegro, or Argentina-Falklands-England or whatever island on whatever sea. So please try to avoid this (this goes also to discussions like "Inter is not the real Serie A Champion, they didn't win it on the pitch"). This applies for Argentina-Brazil, France-Germany and any other comment that would hurt anybody's nationality. Politics can be discussed in a decent manner in the Player's Lounge.

7. "EDIT" Button and double posts: Guys, this is not a chat, so don't expect an answer in a few minutes. Don't make a thread with a question and in 60 minutes post again asking "anyone?" 'coz it's annoying. Also, if you were the last who post and you have more to say or to add, don't post again, use the EDIT button that is very useful, and you don't get double posts.

This are the general rules for now, being effective as you finish reading this thread. Any thread created since February 08 that doesn't follow this rules, might, and probably will, be deleted.

Be sure of checking for updates for the rules or new ones.

And remember, if there's anything a mod can do for you, just ask by PM.

your friendly neibourhood,

PS: And let me remind you the guidelines for signatures
300x100 pixels
60 kbs

This means that we won't be bothering you if the signatures is 320x110 pixels, or 50 kb, but try to keep it that way, if it's too far away from those sizes you'll get a warning or eventually a card.
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