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A very cursory analysis of the "clothdef" section:

"clothdef" is used for cloth and hair simulation. First introduced in FIFA 15.
It's used on player clothes (jersey, shorts) and player hairs. Since FIFA 16 there's a low-resolution simulation for hairlods.

Files with this section are placed in data/sceneassets/simplecloth folder. Hair uses these files: simhair_PLAYERID_0_0.rx3

I think this section contains a physical model of the mesh, collision models, and probably some parameters of hair movement.

Some interesting information about it can be found here:
Also partially related:

On this screenshot, you can see some strange red/green/blue meshes around player head and hair. I think it's a visual representation of the data in this section.
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where red meshes are collision models, green - maybe hair physical model, and green rays - maybe, connections between physical and renderable model.

I made a 010 Editor template for the file with this section, attached to this post. As I said, it's very cursory, many unknown values are there. Some names I took from the executable.

I tried to visualize an array of unknown positions (called unk72 in the template): possibly those are vertices for hair physical model.
i ll check it !

to go a bit sideways:
the first link looks interesting, as it is from a (former) ea employee

this post : https://kentsunde.blogspot.com/p/project-spotlight-python.html
it could be maybe, he talks about the section "EDGE_MESH" ?
it is a section you find at FIFA 19 ps3 (example shoe-models, more for shoe-laces maybe), FIFA online 3
(but FIFA 16 maybe too, not sure)


Looks like the information about hair parts for hair simulation is stored in hair's 3rd UV channel.
hair_0.PNG hair_1.PNG

it could be maybe, he talks about the section "EDGE_MESH" ?
Could be, but I don't remember what's EDGE_MESH.
Upd: I checked the head file from FIFA 16, it's not there.
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