say NO to FIFA 08!


Starting XI
Don't be fooled. this game has more crap in it than hitlers speeches. i can't get over how dumb this game is.

you think it's the best footy game ever and then u realise all the f*cktards online who know all the exploits and score 2-3 absolute bullsh!t goals on u vs. your 10 fair and realistic chances, all of which are saved by superman.

f*ck off EA, you morons. you've just upgraded the idiot count on the fifa online community. so now, good, fair, honest players' can't win and lose to those who exploit and hack u down constantly cus they know they never get red carded unless they're the last man and they make sure they never are. bollocks to this load of crap.

well done EA!!! thanks for the same old sh!t in HD!!


Senior Squad
your just moaning

if they play like c*nts to me, i play like c*nts bact to them :)

your not as good as you think you are


Starting XI
Yes but then it's not fun anymore. I remember a couple of friends who perfected every single fifa 2000 exploit up to the point where whoever had the ball at a particular instance is the one who scored next. Scores ended something like 12-11.


Senior Squad
If EA fix the annoying bugs and exploits, instead of talking nonsense about making money and giving a gameplay feature some fancy name with a trade mark, then you could say "say YES to FIFA 09".