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Scene file (bescene/fescene .cs) compiler/decompiler


Compiler and decompiler for scene files (.cs), which are used in EA's football games.

Scene files are used to define which assets should be loaded for the scene (3D-match, player preview or other scene).
Scene files use such called "Accessors" - indices (only in FIFA06 layout) or names for variables defined in game engine (.exe or .dll).

Scene files are used in FIFA 2003 - FIFA 10, and related games (Euro, World Cup, Champions League, FIFA Manager).
Since FIFA11 EA started to use .lua files to configure scene loading.

upload_2020-8-6_18-44-54.png upload_2020-8-6_18-50-29.png

Compiler compiles .xml files into .cs files.
Decompiler decompiles .cs files into .xml files.

By default, the tool compiles all .xml files (Compiler) or decompiles all .cs files (Decompiler)
in current folder.

Possible file layout types are: FIFA06, CL0405, FIFA2005, FIFA2004, FIFA2003
Layout   | Games
FIFA06   | FIFA 06, FIFA 07, FIFA 08, FIFA 09, FIFA 10, WC 2006, CL 2006/2007, EURO 2008, 
         | FM 09, FM 10, FM 11, FM 12, FM 13, FM14
CL0405   | CL 2004/2005, FM 06, FM 07, FM 08
FIFA2005 | FIFA 2005, TCM 2005
FIFA2004 | FIFA 2004, EURO 2004, TCM 2004
FIFA2003 | FIFA 2003

Check the README file for more information.

Source code & latest version:

Download "Release.zip" from bitbucket:
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The tool was updated to version 1.2

Layout types table

I added a table with possible layout types to first post. As you can see, there are 5 different layout types. The most recent layout type is FIFA 06. This layout type is used in FIFA 06, FIFA 07, FIFA 08, FIFA 09, FIFA 10, WC 2006, CL 2006/2007, EURO 2008, FM 09, FM 10, FM 11, FM 12, FM 13, FM14.

Render Slots
Some another attribute was researched, it's called "RenderSlot".
It's an attribute for both SceneEntry and ModelBlock nodes.
In case of SceneEntry, it defines a rendering phase where the Pre-Render callback (PreRenderAccessor attribute) must be called.
In case of ModelBlock, it defines a rendering phase where the rendering of model must occur.

So RenderSlot is an ID of rendering phase. The number of such IDs is defined in Layout node:

Then, some ID is assigned with SceneEntry:

And with ModelBlock:

I think Render Slot IDs might differ in each game. I don't have description of IDs for each game. The only game where I was able to find exact names for each ID, was FIFA Manager.

 0 Player Selection
 1 Pitch Lighting
 2 Sky
 3 Sky Filter
 4 Effects0Pass
 5 PreShadowRender
 6 Player Shadow
 7 Soft Shadows
 8 AftShadowRender
 9 Stadium
10 Pitch
11 Lines
12 OnField Drawing
13 Pitch Detail
14 Pitch Hard Shadow
15 Main
16 Main (Transparency)
17 Stadium NetXOrs
18 Goal Nets
19 ScreenFX
20 Overlays
21 FontDraw