Scissorhands' flags thread - Taking request


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Hello everybody,

Well I'll start a thread here so everybody can ask for his clubs specific flags pack.

You can request ANY clubs you wish, from a Premier League to a Division 12 team if you wish.

Please note, if you request for flags, please link me to several pictures of the flags/banners or put them here (if you have a large amount of pictures, please PM me and I'll give you my email adress so you can send all to me by mail).

You can see a part of my job on FIFA-MRA Download Boutique FIFA 06.

Let's come and request whatever you want here ;)


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Well let's start with Club Brugge K.V. flags



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OK mate, will do some Juventus flags, but for next request, please search for pics ;)

Here are some Chelsea flags for my other good friend, Pete :)



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demo flags

Are there any 2gf flags for the demo teams?? I would like to try some. Can u make Lyon flags in 2gf for the demo ? It would be very cool. :)
Just a question can i also use flags from fifa 06 with the fifa 07 2gf importer ?? :nape:


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I'll do some Olympique Lyonnais flags for you man, I've already some pictures on the PC. Some Bad Gones flags will make all more realistic ;)


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Amazing as always old mate. Thamks for the Chelsea ones they are spot on, especially the "UP NORF" one :funny:


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Thanks for comments guys!!

TM_Kimikal_TM... Thanks man, I don't know when I'll release them, I'm waiting for an importer with Alpha layer because I'm used to distort them for more realism

Pete... old friend, glad you like them, it took me time to redraw all those Chelsea flags but hopefully I finished them!

Hrovje... no problem man, Juventus FC are pretty easy to find (even for a 2nd division team :fool: ) it will take time to make them because I'll have to redraw a lot of trophy (Paul can confirm :D)

Kolleberga... here are the requested Olympique Lyonnais flags!! Will try to make some variant FSH file ready to import into zdata so you can enjoy them in the demo.