SG United 2012 Initial Application Thread


Sir Calumn

Áļéאָ;3169769 said:
oh ma-gawd oh ma gawd!

First Name: Alex
Second Name: ... (empty)
Common Name: Áļéאָ
Date of Birth: Aug 21 1982
Nationality: Eng

Squad Number: 11/12 or 34

Favourite Position: Wing Back
2nd Position (optional): MR
3rd Position (optional): DR


Make America Great Again
First Name: Chase
Second Name: Steel
Common Name:
Date of Birth: October 13, 1983
Nationality: USA

Squad Number: 13

Favourite Position: MC
2nd Position (optional): DMC
3rd Position (optional): AMC

Photo (optional, can PM me if preferred)


Sir Calumn

Chase before you can sport a handlebar tache you really need to learn how to grow facial hair (H)


Also, let's keep it a wee-bit serious. The pic is funny, but chase steel is something early XX century miners did. Even though it's not as bad as Z-T.


Make America Great Again
Chase Steel is my real life alter ego, Twitter display name, and what several of my friends now call me.

But fine, you know what my real name is, there's no reason I need to post it in full here. Use the real name for SGU.


Fan Favourite
Filipower;3179195 said:
Of course Mus, you're always welcome!

Awesome (Y)

First Name: Joe
Second Name: Mustica
Common Name:
Date of Birth: 01/06/1993
Nationality: Australian
Second Nationality: Italian

Squad Number: 23

Favourite Position: CB
2nd Position (optional): LB
3rd Position (optional): LWB

Photo (optional, can PM me if preferred):