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Shades & Templates for Fifa 08


Youth Team
Templates Armbands by me:



The Super-Swede
Jaszo: really nice stuff, if those were bigger, i could make a texture of it..do you have more? :)

Pepis21: for realistic feeling, the flags waves should go horizontal..The armbands texture is really nice, i hope we can use it in the textures of fifa 09..


The Super-Swede
these are kit textures, but it might work fine as flag textures too...here's a updated flag texture, with .psd file including screen layers:

And here's the .PSD file (click on the flag) :



Club Supporter
how you can do collar ?

can you update a model with collar and more collar models ? because is very hard to make just for some teams...

and if you can do a update with fifa 09 template...