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Sign Up Thread for the SG United Update 2005

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Originally posted by rpvankasteren
Just 13 players to go, and some EU-ification of certain countries, before the 5.0.0-based update will be complete.
Then: testing


I dont understand y waste time on 5.00 when ev1 has 5.02? It must a b**ch for you to do it for two databases.
Just caring about your free time.;)


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Don't worry, I also spent 3 hours with my girlfriend today. :shades:

If a 5.0.0 version works well on both 5.0.0 and 5.0.2, that means that everyone will be able to enjoy the update, even the people that don't want to patch their game (for what ever reason).


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maybe its too private and ruud seez this relationship seriously...Maybe he's even conzzziderin marriiin her :p You're at an age that u are ready for the big step towards.... never ending life-prison (H)
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