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    I know that it's category about managerzone but i'm new here and i didn't know where should i tell you about sokker. Please read my post:)

    General info (02.02.2009)
    Number of countries: 94
    Number of users: 61501
    Number logged-in: 2905
    Number of awaiting teams: 682
    Number of teams: 101858

    General info: (Australia)
    Currency: AU$
    Number of leagues: 53
    Association: Australia Association
    Number of users: 107
    Number logged-in: 6
    Number awaiting: 0
    Number of teams: 426

    Only 107 users for now, please read informations about sokker.

    Sokker Manager is an online football management game. After registration you get your own club to manage; you are the manager who decides on training and trading players, creating tactics, and setting up your squad. It's not easy as you compete with over 50,000 other users, not computer bots :) ... but maybe you prefer to play offline with codes, so it's not for you :roll:

    The best and most unique part of Sokker is the amazing live animated matches, where you can see if your players do as expected and watch some amazing goals - check out these goals: 1, 2, 3, how tactics work, or more examples on youtube:

    Sokker is free to play:
    register here to play real football :)

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