SOLUTION:If u cant get your right analog stick to work


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THANKS TO Chris Tse:

"1. go to start > run
2. type in "regedit" and then enter
3. highlight "my computer" since you need to find from the very beginning
4. go to edit > find
5. type in "XXXXXX" - note : no quotation marks needed, i.e. mine is USB Joystick
6. remember to check all the three boxes ( machine code K, value V, and Data D)
7. press search and be patient
8. everytime you find "XXXXXX" - modify it to "SideWinder Gamepad USB version 1.0" - be careful, do not use rename, use modify
9. there should be a few more to modify until the end and this process last for around 30 secs depending on how many registry keys you have. The entry LocationInformation cannot be edited and it shows the true name of your gamepad."

I tried the logitech but my right analogue stick didnt work.. try renaming all the registry files as shown above to
SideWinder Gamepad USB version 1.0

and hopefully the right analogue stick will work~!!


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yeah of coures it has. please tell me if it worked for u too.. the only thing is that vibration doesnt work anymore when the ball hits the post :crazyboy:


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didn't work for me at all... I renamed everything the MS Sidewinder and then my right analog stick didn't work at all.

This is really frustrating


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Genius worked for me after I tried so many different ways.

Now just have to work out wht extra things I can do any tips for me ??