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Squad Changes & Main DB

Bubble Gum

Youth Team
Players, teamplayerlinks, teams, formations, player_grudgelove, formupdate, playerloans and previosteam. Everything works good, but new players don't have names and jerseynames. I've transfered dcplayernames, but the game crashes when I try to select teams from some countries. But Sydney FC, for example, works without problems. If names are the last problem, we can just edit them directly into the editing tool. Hope that it will work fine, not like CM 12.5 :).

Bubble Gum

Youth Team
No, some countries still don't work :(. It's just a waste of time... I don't know the reason why I can't select England, Germany or Spain....

Bubble Gum

Youth Team
Update: I have tryed different combinations and realised that the problem is in teams table. I don't export it and now everything works good, BUT... Arsenal don't work! This is the last defective team! I think that it is caused by formations table, but I am not sure.

P.S. Of course, if we don't export teams table free kick takers are wrong.

If I find a problem, 2 difficulties will remain:

1) Some new players don't have surnames and jerseynames.

2) Free kick takers are wrong.

Anyway it will be a good result. If anyone have an opportunity and wish to help me, you are wellcome!

Bubble Gum

Youth Team
I've found the problem! Teamplayerlinks has a LOT of empty links. We can just delete them and now everything works correct!

Now we have only 2 small difficulties that I've mentioned in the post above.


Youth Team
Just to bump this thread up, I've tried it out now as well.
Everything works fine except for the new player names. Which is a shame because there are so many new players. It will likely work if we change the name IDs. Instead of starting at 29000 or so, they should start one after the last ID in the playernames table. Maybe some kind of search & replace feature could help, I'm not too familiar with Excel.

By the way, didn't know that the squads were updated today again... so I have to do everything again anyway.


Youth Team
It worked! You can't let the names have an ID of 29000 and above, you'll have to give them lower IDs which come after the last original ID in playernames. 21763 is the first one.
Then you'll have to change the firstname/lastname/commonname/jerseyname IDs in the players table as well. It works best by simply using Excel. Substract 21763 from 29000 and you'll get 7237. Write it into a free column, copy it and delete it again. Sort the table by firstname/lastname/commonname/jerseyname (the one you want to edit), then highlight everything from 29000 onwards and then use that substract feature. It will automatically substract 7237 (the number you've copied) from every number in the column and you should get the correct IDs. Repeat that for every names column and finally sort the table again by player ID. Import the table again and the names of the new players will be displayed.

Bubble Gum

Youth Team
I know it's very funny... I have to reinstall FIFA and then I've tried to export squad update from 22.02 but... I can't save changes. I've exported tables with IM and then directly substitute old tables with new ones in DBMaster and save but after reopening old tables are still here. After that I've exported old DB tables and edit notepad documents replacing old info with the new, export it into the DBMaster but with the same effect... Don't know what to do.


Starting XI
Can't help, sorry. Too much headache-inducing tinkering for my tastes. There are 14,000 players already in the game, that's good enough for me, lol.


Youth Team
I tried all above, but when started the game crashed to the desktop.
I hope someone that have sucess in merge squad update with db, can tell us what exactly is nedeed.
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