Stadium capacity problem help


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hello harry very good updates !! In the same way I had no problems either ... but there was an error with all the updates in the Spanish league all the stadiums appear with half the public ... you can fix that thanks genius
It isn't an error. This was done based on real-life crowd attendances in competitions. Also to show the growth for clubs as they rise through leagues in career mode.
You can change it here:
FIFA 14\Game\data\fifarna\lua\assignments\general.lua
Scroll down to the section that has this: setTournamentCrowdSize(XXXX,A,B)
Find the league you want to change and increase or decrease the A & B values.
A = Home team
B = Away team
0 = 0%
1 = 25%
2 = 50%
3 = 75%
4 = 100%


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You have to edit the. Lua case of editing lua files iam not an expert. You ask help in stadium thread. They can help you. Also try to connect with Gonzaga team they are the experienced team I know