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Stadium import problem fifa10 (creation master 10)


Club Supporter
hey when i import some arenas, this up as I show in the picture why? some stadiums works but not others. but it is still to play on anyone have any solution? so here they are when they arrive, the value of 494 is not valid for value, should be between 'minimum' and Maximum "Please help me


Club Supporter
Im glad to help

This problem happens to a lot of people that dont know how to use cm 10 here is your solution

Look next to file you see tools right.
Click it next go to expand database click it.
Problem solved!!!

sam_red devil

Starting XI
cm 10 works on the string values of minimum and maximum.example id 1 for old trafford and id 130 for veltins arena say and if you import a new stadium of id 230 which is not between the min and max limits will show errors all you have to do is to install db master 10 then click stadiums on left and edit the stadiums id by clicking twice on id of stadiums.i suggest you must start from value 1 and so on.


Youth Team
Can anyone help me? I load my created stadium's cmp . When i played in the stadium the surrounding is black. No buildings , no roofs , nothing. Only the pitch and the players can be seen. Please help.