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  1. What the **** is wrong with people? Seriously, why does this kind of crap happen at so many games?? It seems like it's a huge achievement every time there is a European game played without someone being murdered, stabbed, you name it.

    And I think the stereotype that English people start all of this and are the cause for most hooliganism can stop now!!

    It's really sad..... because stupid people who don't know anything about football, assume this is normal..... it gives the best sport in the whole world a bad reputation.

    *end of rant* [​IMG]

    Six Liverpool fans knifed in Rome
    By Dale Johnson

    Six Liverpool fans needed hospital treatment after being stabbed prior to the club's UEFA Cup tie with Roma on Thursday evening.
    Gerard Collins, 27, had already been taken to hospital after being ambushed earlier in the day after being stabbed in his arms and legs.

    Then, just hours before Liverpool recorded a famous 2-0 victory over the Serie A leaders, Martin Gary Vincent, 24, Glynn McAlpin, 30 and Terry Blake, 25, were all knifed on their way to the stadium from their hotels.

    The other two fans stabbed were Norwegians who the Italian thugs had mistaken for being English.

    Mr Collins and Mr Vincent are expected to remain in hospital for several days, although their injuries were not described as serious by doctors.

    During the match itself the Liverpool fans endured a torrent of both abuse and missiles from the Roma fans. Bottles and coins were among the objects thrown.

    At half time the Italian police charged the Liverpool fans and beat them back with truncheons for no apparent reason, in spite of them being showered with missiles.

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    Some fans just can´t stand to see their team loose. It really SUCKS! I can´t belive how you can stab someone for that silly reason.
  3. the stabbings happened b4 the game!!!!!! i guess the Roma fans knew they were going to get their asses handed to em [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. go read the thread bout this in the fifa 2001 forum it good

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