Supernova's Gameplay


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Does anyone know if there is any cl.ini or other file edit that can nerf the GK match ratings? I am loving this game and the CM quite a lot but the Goalkeeper being man of the match almost every single game, sometimes without even making one proper save is absolutely ridiculous. If anybody has some idea on how to nerf at least the end of the match ratings I would really appreciate if you could share it with me :)


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sorry, I don’t know where to write, who will tell me why at the end of the match the endurance scale of the players, both mine and AI, is only half! Why don't they get tired! This is not realistic. And even after an additional 2 halves, they don’t get tired after 120 minutes, I’m generally silent about the goalkeeper, his endurance after a grueling match takes a maximum of 5%. The question is for you: how and what should I change in the game so that the players get tired like in real. P.S. I play FIFA 16 only on the keyboard, and I always hold down the acceleration button !!!