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switching commentary language faster than in origin


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I would like to share how I switch commentary without origin (where switching is a bit time consuming).
Step 1.)
The files for commentary are (examples for german, eng, french, italy, for other languages the difference is in the end of filenames):

D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_commentaryfull_eng_us_2
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_commentaryfull_fre_fr
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_commentaryfull_ger_de
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_commentaryfull_ita_it

D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_commentarylaunch_fre_fr
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_commentarylaunch_eng_us_2
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_commentarylaunch_ita_it
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_commentarylaunch_ger_de

D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_00\de
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_00\en
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_00\fr
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_00\it

D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_00\loc\de.sb
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_00\loc\de.toc
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_00\loc\it.sb
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_00\loc\it.toc
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_00\loc\en.sb
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_00\loc\en.toc
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_00\loc\fr.sb
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_00\loc\fr.toc

D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_02\de
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_02\en
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_02\fr
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_02\it

D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_05\de
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_05\en
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_05\fr
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\superbundlelayout\fifa_installpackage_05\it

D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentaryfull_ger_de.toc
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentaryfull_ger_de.sb
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentaryfull_ita_it.toc
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentaryfull_ita_it.sb
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentaryfull_eng_us_2.toc
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentaryfull_eng_us_2.sb
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentaryfull_fre_fr.toc
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentaryfull_fre_fr.sb

D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentarylaunch_ger_de.toc
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentarylaunch_ger_de.sb
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentarylaunch_ita_it.toc
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentarylaunch_ita_it.sb
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentarylaunch_eng_us_2.toc
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentarylaunch_eng_us_2.sb
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentarylaunch_fre_fr.toc
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\commentarylaunch_fre_fr.sb

D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\loc\de.toc
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\loc\en.toc
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\loc\it.toc
D:\Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\Win32\loc\fr.toc

You will find those files when You have global version of fifa and install in origin all languages. When You have region locked version of fifa then I suppose You must additionally consider asking colleage from school/work who has global version and copy from him all files for interesting you commentaries. Generally without above files for interesting you commentary language there is none sense to go to next step. So firstly you have to install all interested you languages from origin in order to have the above files.

Step 2.)
turkey tur,tr
poland pol,pl
german ger,de
italian ita,it
france fre,fr
portugal por,br
holland dut,nl
england eng,us
russian rus,rus
japan jpn,jpn
arab ara,sa
spain spa,es
mexico spa,mx

Step 3.)
Let's say you live in Poland and due to this fact you have installation language polish.

Step 4.)
Let's say in origin one of languague you can choose is turkish and you are not interested in this language.

Step 5.)
Download hex editor for example this one: https://mh-nexus.de/en/programs.php and install this tool

Step 6.)
Let's say You want to have polish menu, text, strings in games but instead of polish commentary you want to have german one. So far You had to switch language in origin in order to be able to support this one.

Step 7.)
Save Fifa21.exe in some backup directory.
Modify original Fifa21.exe in hex editor:
At first replace pol,pl with ger,de
At second replace tur,tr with pol,pl
Save, so you have fifa21.exe modified.
Here is some print screen from hex editor, the interface is intuitive.

Step 8.)
Make sure in Origin Games\FIFA 21\Data\locale.ini the setting USE_LANGUAGE_SELECT is set to 1:

Step 9.)
Start Fifa21.exe and change flag from german to polish during language selection. In this way further in game you will have polish menu/text etc and german commentary.

The above doesn't work in volta football only for matches 11 vs 11. The above doesn't work due to some reason with japanese commentary. With portugese commentary replays broke down. But with german and spanish commentary everything works well as with original polish. More tests need to be done.
I think that generally switching Fifa21.exe will be much faster than switching in origin. At least I prepared myself Fifa21.exe for commentary german, italy, french, portugese, arabic, etc. and I switch exe files when want to play with the given commentary language. So test and see what is faster switching in origin or switching Fifa21.exe files. I have no doubts that the second option is faster:)
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What I don't understand is how to have comments in all languages without having to update the language from Origin every time. I want to be able to decide the language of the comment from the game menu. Once English, another Spanish, another German. How can I do?