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thanks for Braaf friend! if you have the opportunity to add a tattoo on the neck of Dani Alves and Insigne, I will be glad if you can transfer this tattoo to the original face from Fifa Insigne and add a little man, thanks, I will be grateful, and please update Sergio Ramos


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thank you very much friend! about Ramos, I meant that the texture of the face that I sent you is newer and there are more tattoos on the neck, if you saw, can you transfer those new tattoos that you made to my texture that I sent or is it already a chore and difficult? if you could do it, I would be glad and grateful, thank you


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Hello! Could you get a tattoo for Neco Williams? Today he moved from Liverpool to Nottingham Forest. Do you need any photos for work? If necessary, I can extract the tattoo model from PES version.