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So in the pack is a file named playerskin_223953_textures which isn't Bergwijn's ID (It's Cole Kpekawa according to sofifa), but it also doesn't even include the Bergwijn texture :D


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Yeah but upscale and native x1024 aren't the same thing.
I don't see any reasonable difference. Neither in the game or just as a texture(Only thing is that there is limit for upscale).Yeah maybe in newer games better rendering may need another level detailed textures.


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Cuccurella,Matias Solulé,Neymar,Mariano,Neco Williams,Evanílson,Nicolas Gonzalez(Tatto) , Cristo Gonzalez face y tatoo,Scamacca face y tatoo

Matìas Soulé tattoo is missing