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The Arsenal [2014|2015]

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Sir Didier Drogba

Head Official
It was a very sensible transaction. Barcelona sold a very good player that didnt quite fit their squad for a good price to a team with which it is advantageous for them to maintain a relationship and who are unlikely to really be competitors in any competition Barca want to win, but are good enough that he wont just springboard to another (rival) team a year later.


Team Captain
nady;3803650 said:
40 is good. Thought he was sold for 30. My bad.

He was sold for 35. Of course you Barca fans will make it look like a better deal.

Anyway Welbeck has had a great season. He has scored 4 EPL games. He has scored 1 goal every 417 minutes. In perspective, Chris Smalling has also scored 4 EPL goals; i.e. 1 goal every 381 minutes.


Starting XI
Alexis was 42,5M euro.

Yesterday Henry said you can't win the title with Giroud. Hope they sign a world class ST, even Lacazette or Cavani.


Starting XI
I think Vermaelen was declared almost fit to play for you guys at last, when the season is ending and the guy is really not needed anymore right now. I think the guy caught some kind of a plague when leaving Arsenal and now he's your Diaby.

And that's not the worst of it, you're stuck with him and his wages (how much is he on anyway? :o). I highly doubt anybody wants to buy that guy off of you. And to be honest he's not that reliable of a defender. -15 down the drain. Better loan him out to Rayo Vallecano or pay him 1m to leave. Would work for both parties ... in long term.
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