The Arsenal Thread [2005/06]

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Arsenal is being linked with Zigic again. This guy is a bigger, stronger version of Peter Crouch who actually has decent technique, heading skills and can score. He would be a good signing if it's true.


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bkaj21 said:
do you guys prefer van persie or adebayor to be paired with henry? i know they say adebayor is a good tall presence but i think van persie is just a goal machine. he will score more

Why not all three? Seriously, let's be radical, bold and start a grass movement of three starting strikers in the EPL.


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but who to take out? can't take out a defender cause the defence isnt the strongest and can't take out a midfielder cause that eliminates the passing game through the middle of the park.

if anything


-V persie-----------------------------------Henry



going to a

-----------V Persie------Adebayor-----Henry





when we have the ball


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Yeah, you make some good points and I'm not suggesting that we start experimenting with this formation in deadly serious matches or anything. It can first be applied in the reserve squad, then in meaningless cup matches/preseason. Obviously, with a 4-3-3, it's best to have genuine wingers who'll pepper the opposition with crosses so our strikership can take advantage of their numbers, but if that's not applicable, it might be better to have a midfielder/forward combo player like Reyes up there instead of a RvP/Adebayor.

Ahhhhhhhhhh forget it, bro. I'll concede, you've owned my ass with that post. You've made me realize that we just simply don't have the personnel at the moment for any radical changes in our formation selections.


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I don't know if this is true, but Henry told 'L'Equipe that he would leave Arsenal for sure IF they miss out on next season's CL, but I am almost certain that Arsenal can get the 4th place, Spurs aren't consistent enough


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L'Equipe is pretty credible and well respected. I hope to God that this ain't true or nothing.

Henry is one of a kind, man. No replacing that mother****er.


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lol he also says this though "

We are all managers who can say that never one of our players has not dived. Nobody can say that in our league," Wenger added.


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Spurs win.
Bolton lose.
Blackburn win.
Arsenal don't play.


Run out (Home matches in bold)-
Spurs- Newcastle, Man City, Everton, Man Utd, Arsenal,Bolton, West Ham

Blackburn- Wigan, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Birmingham, Charlton, Man City

Arsenal- Aston Villa, Man Utd, West Brom, Man City, Spurs, Sunderland, Wigan

Bolton- Man Utd, Birmingham, Liverpool, Chelsea, West Brom, Charlton, Spurs, Birmingham, Middlesbrough TBC

Predictions in order of fixtures-
Spurs- Draw, Win, Draw, Lose, Lose, Draw, Lose: 61
Blackburn- Win, Draw, Lose, Win, Draw, Win: 63
Arsenal- Win, Lose, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win: 68
Bolton- Lose, Win, Lose, Lose, Draw, Win, Draw, Win (Boro- Win): 62

Final standings-
Arsenal: 68
Blackburn: 63
Bolton: 62
Spurs: 61

Obviously i'm a teeny bit biased.

Come you Gunners.


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Portsmouth's postponed home Barclays Premiership game with Arsenal will be rescheduled for April 12 if the Gunners progress to the Champions League semi-finals.
However, if Arsene Wenger's side fail to beat Juventus in their two-legged quarter-final tie, the game will be played on April 25.

A further announcement will be made after the second leg against Juve, which takes place on April 5.

The match will be shown live on Prem Plus

oh yeah, and walcott is in the squad vs juve :shades:


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Guys im beginning to think BAD LUCK is the cause of so many away losses in the league. The whole Campbell drama, all the injuries, the african nations cup that saw toure and eboue leave.

I dont think selling Vieria had anything to do with our playing badly. Of course there was also the transition period of some of the youngsters and Hleb who is adapting to life at arsenal.

Is it me or does flamini look more like a left back now>>>>> Wenger is magic!!!!!!! :jambo:
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