The Beauty of Soccer "Stopper"

Discussion in 'Your Soccer Career' started by kuaxiong, Feb 13, 2008.

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    Feb 13, 2008
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    will im a Stopper for a team, and I play the position Stopper.. The question i want to kno from experience players are the importance of this position. People call me a good stopper, and i want to be a great stopper. I dont have much speed, i go up to support the offense, im a great overall defender, but i want to kno what u guys think or do on the field that will help me along my future.
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    Hey mate, welcome to the forums, are you still wondering about your position?

    if so i play a defencive midfeilder position and usually take their main player out of the game (whether it be from not letting him get the ball or do anything with it or injuring him so he thinks twice about trying something) and i also set up the attacks, from what i think a stopper should have to be able to read the play so he can stop attacks from building up, also you should try to get some upper body stength so you can overcome your lack of speed by holding your opponent off the ball. Goodluck ;)

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