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The assignment was to create a graphically sound design using type.

For the first 3 series the font "Basic" is used. For the second 3, "Florida" is used. The 7th image you see is sort of an advertisement for the typeography project. The last thing you see is the poster for a band performance at my school.

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What do you think my new signature?



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That's pretty cool.

Remember you did this portrait of Liam?

It's awesome, just wondering, which program did you use to create it?


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These are some of the sigs I made last year. I might get back into Photoshop to make some more. Comments appreciated.

I also made the Lloyd Banks one that is my sig now.


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They're alright. If you're thinking of making more then you should make your own thread. And by the way, your sig is too big. The size limit is 300x100.


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Guys I need your help. I am designing a logo for a bakery (as part of my graphic products coursework in school) and after forming most of the letter cannot get them to join so I can colour them. I desperately need someone's help here. I used macromedia fireworks. It is a png file and I think will work on other programs. Can someone please get the letters to join so I can fill them with colour. Thank You



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Nice sig!

As many of you know, my old sig featured a certain Portuguese international who most likely will not be at Man Utd much longer. So instead of replacing it with another current player, I decided to make my new sig a reflection of Manchester United's history and tradition.

The idea behind it is that instead of the statue of Best Law and Charlton overlooking Sir Matt and the Old Trafford glass front, they are looking at Ole Solskjaer's winning strike that sealed the Treble in 1999. In addition I have added the Munich Memorial clock and the great French King of Old Trafford, Eric Cantona.


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Based on some feedback I've had, I decided to add some transparency and effects to the sig, in addition I have decided to include scenes of United's greatest moments.

I am very pleased with the revisions.