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I've got a problem (i write it here cos dunno why i cant post new topic). I wish to put some player from my club into national team I manage. But there are nobody from my club on the list ;/ why?


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Look around and use the filters accordingly (only GK, only CD, LB, ST, AM etc.) and see if it will show up when you'll make the NT selection. If isn't show up, wait to pass a season. If after that season it will still not showing up, then it's probably a bug.


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Guys i am currently playing Fifa manager 12,and in my first season at FC Steaua Bucharest i
build a level 1 youth camp in Montenegro(Podgorica),and when it was finished i got 2 players from it and to my surpise one of them had 6 Stars talent(Dalibor Petrovic,GK,12 years,23 level),it's this a bug or something,the stars are half the size of the normal talent star size of other players.I have 2 screenshots here,this is not cheating or anything else!