The problem with 2gf facces according 2 pireloke!!

Discussion in 'FIFA 07 Forum' started by kolleberga, Oct 1, 2006.

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    Well here is a simple rule, which several facemakers don't like to hear but it is the sad truth :

    Your Fifa game will work with double textures for everything, from balls to addboards, from kits to shoes, ect ect, save for one thing : 2GF faces. Forget about them completely, don't import them as they will make your game crash, that is as certain as can be.

    The only way is to reconvert the double textured ones to simple textured ones yourself, a long and boring job which I did for hundreds of faces last year, probably thousands since I play Fifa.

    Basicaly you need to extract the textures from the .fsh files with for example EA Graph or FSHed programs, you open the .fsh files, in the menu you choose save as .bmp and you save them somewhere on your hdd.

    Next, you open the extracted .bmp's in your favorite imaging program and you resize the face texture (t21) from whatever size it was to 256x128, then you save. For the hair textures (t22) you do the same but you save them in a 128x128 size.

    Once that is done we need to reimport the textures back in the .fsh files, you need FSHed again to do that, choose edit, browse to your resized bmp's, then click update and finaly save, after you have done that, your .fsh files will have the correct sizes.

    Then import them as usual. Sometimes you will notice, especialy with dark haired players, that the resizeing made a nasty white line appear on the back of their heads on the hair texture, in that event you need to reopen the hair texture in your imaging program, zoom in on the texture and on the left side you will notice a thin white line, use your fill tool to fill it to black, reimport the texture, done.

    Yes I know, it is a monks work, but until all facemakers decide to release their faces as 1GF, fifa games will continue to crash, players will continue to curse, and various people will still play frisbee with their game CD and blame EA for the bugs.

    I bet even Ockham learned something today, and I expect he will announce this as a "big discovery and a major breakthrough in Fifa editing he discovered" on his CEP site soon.

    Glad I could help. ( pireloke )

    My own opinion is probably the same after reading this.
    So please dont just post 2gf faces en tell people that are no experts like me to just import them and make tools that also have risks in it wothout telling.
    I think it would be nice if people would start focussing more one 1gf or come with a solution. If there is 1 ( maybe im very wrong ) please tell me.

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    Yes man... Me too... :nape:
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    try to use this resolution for 2gf faces : 256x256.I think that work...else i can you some trouble to make 2gf work

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