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Yeah, they're Topps cards from the late 60's/early 70's. The Quackenbush card was originally a Larry Csonka card and the Jesus card was originally an Alex English card. They were so much cooler back then (although I never collected any of them, only Panini stickers as a kid).


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I collected them as a kid, but never really had anything cool. Finding that box of Late 60s/Early 70s Topps NFL and NBA cards in my grandparents' basement was pretty amazing though.

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I started a mycareer too. Byron Oakley is a 3pt- specialist PG from Georgetown with a beard like Harden. Also got drafted by the Nuggets (and don't even have an option to ask for a trade yet). I like that the Justice character is played by the guy from The Wire but it's a blander mycareer than I anticipated.

A bit happier with mygm. The Baltimore Barons got the 4th pick and traded up to get Ben Simmons. Also traded for Jokic so I have two pillars to build on. Got mostly meh players in free agency: Linsanity, Fournier, Ryan Anderson, Ezeli to pair with the expansion draft guys like Garnett, Neto and Kevin Anderson. Not sure if I wanna tank and get a good guard or try for the playoff.

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I'm obsessed with this game called Bloodborne, but it's not easy. It's intense and most boss fights are a bitch. I'm trying to finish it then download the DLC.

Also got to 3rd division in Fifa seasons. The competiton is much tougher but for some reason I struggled more in 9th or 8th division.