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So we don't have to name the 'I'm Bored' Thread let's play FM w. Xifio... and because most of us are to scared to go into the FIFA forums.


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Well I pretty much quit gaming the last couple of years.. untill recently (well.. 6 months ago) I picked up Rift and i usually play on nights after work, just doing raids mostly, atm in HK 5/10 :borat: Will post some pics laters ;-)


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Europa Universalis 3. I am absolutely DOMINATING with the Dutch right now and it's only the early 1500s. Our domination of trade has seen our income nearly double that of Ming, and hit 3 times the income of the next European nation, Castille. Glorious orange engulfs the entire lowlands, North America from Georgia to Manhattan, all the Antillies, Cuba, the Rio Grande area, the Rio de la Plata area, the Gold Coast, and the Cape of Good Hope. My next target is Ceylon.

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I'm kinda boring right now.

Only game I'm playing is Fifa and on manager mode.

I'm playing with Lorient FC. I'm on my second season... last season I flirted with Euro competition, but couldn't keep it up due to injuries and a pedestrian squad.

Year number two. I beefed up the defense buying Jean-Alain Boumsong at the back. Then purchased a holding midfielder - Jermaine Jones. A big upgrade from what I had. I got Coutinho on a full year's loan, and he's been doing a good job as AMC/RM. My regular AMC - Mathieu Coutadeur splits time with him. Coutadeur is not bad... he makes good passes and has a solid shot, but he's SLOW! If Coutinho wasn't a loanee I would probably play him more. I might just have to.

I let go of all the scrub players and signed some Spanish LB... I forget his name, but he's rated 74 and was a free agent. So I definitely like him. Everyone sucks at corner kicks but him.

I scouted players in France, Brazil and Japan, but so far the only player I'm trying to get minutes for is this 16 year old Japanese kid. He's currently rated at 63, but has the potential of 90, so I plan to keep using him and hopefully he gets relatively close to that.

Two months into the second season and I'm in 8th place, which isn't nearly as good as I expected. I still seem to be in the 2nd tier of the league. PSG, Marseille, Bordeaux and Lyon seem to beat me with ease. I can beat Lille, and I tied with Marseille, but still can't beat them. It's getting frustrating, because I actually seem to be in the same position as last year even though I have better players.


This thread is definitely overdue!

FIFA12. Waiting on EA to fix the server issue, other than that it's brilliant. Manager Mode with Arsenal (always go with them in FIFA, and Porto in FM). When I get bored I might try a lower club like skip (nice job by the way (Y)). So far I managed to buy Cahill and get Thiago and Henrique on loan. Thiago and Cahill immediately starters. Henrique is a good back up for Persie. Overall the game is incredible, the new defensive system is so realistic once you get the hang of it, and the impact engine, despite all its criticism and sometimes considerable flaws, is many times amazing!

Was playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution before that. Great little FPS/RPG gameplay, enjoyable.

And waiting like an over-excited school girl on FM12 and Batman Arkham City. :D


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haha, apologies for getting overexcited with the F1 screens in the "Bored" thread ... but yeah, I'm glad it's prompted this move ...

won the online Premier Cup (equivalent to the Champions League?) on FIFA before going all-out with F1 ...

with "full realism" settings (driving assists off, radar off, AI set to 'Legend'), that game is crazy addictive! started a career driving under the UN flag ... got a seat on the historic Williams team -- driving for Sir Frank is an honour I would pick as a starting point even if I had had the full field to choose from ...

meanwhile, my homeboys have given up playing FIFA online for a bit ... they freefell from the 2nd division (where I left the team), and are now close to being relegated to the 4th division ...

but the timing's perfect, coz it means I can let them practice against the computer, while I run my PC into the ground, alternating between school work and laps on F1 ...


F1 game is really good but Toro Rosso sucks so i failed trying to make Alguersuari world champion.


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Arnau;3125578 said:
F1 game is really good but Toro Rosso sucks so i failed trying to make Alguersuari world champion.
hah, the game's realistic enough to where you just cannot make miracles like a Toro Rosso (or in my case, a Williams) race win possible, let alone a Championship ... but I'm sure we'll be able to mod the game soon, then you can take Jaime to Maranello ...

skiptomylou;3125233 said:
Only game I'm playing is Fifa and on manager mode.

I'm playing with Lorient FC. I'm on my second season...
Filipower;3125440 said:
When I get bored I might try a lower club like skip (nice job by the way (Y)).
yeah, nice job Skip (Y) ... with the release of FM 12 and the ensuing database updates (to correct release database oversights) a little ways away, the idea of Manager Mode in FIFA is starting to appeal, especially in France where there's always tons of extremely talented youngsters to pick off ...

when I started out exploring the world of European football, I always enjoyed watching Nantes in the Champions League (back in the Japhet N'Doram era) ...

add the fact that they're now in Ligue 2, and have 3 kits in-game, there's little missing in terms of sporting motivation and gaming aesthetics :read: ...

EDIT: a taste of why I liked them:



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I just got Rage two days ago and it's amazing. Mix of Fallout + Borderlands + S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and you have surprisingly awesome game.

Many are saying that Rage is replica of Borderlands... Well, kinda is. Story is different, but overally it's very "Borderlandish".

Graphics are amazing, only game I played with such level of details, small details, was Dark Messiah, and no wonder why this game weight 18 gb. A lot of effects, explosions, place tearing apart, bouncing stuffs during battle... That ID5 Tech Engine made miracle and it's very optimized, no frame rate drop, it's constant every time.

For all FPS or RPS fans with this kinda taste its a must have game. If not... well, Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 are right behind corner. Damn, for Battlefield is needed some crazy hardware... DX10 and DX11... woohuu...


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I like the Battlefield games.. A LOT. Have tons of hours in Bad Company's 2 multiplayer and still enjoy it when I'm bored. Other than that I think i'll give Fifa 12 a chance and, like Fili here, can't wait for Batman Arkham City !! (H)

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I lost on a heartbreaker to Lyon... last minute, game was 0-0. Really I was closer than they were all game. I had been funneling them and beating them with numbers. I had two shots hit the post, and then when I figured one point was a victory considering I haven't beat them yet... they scored.

I went on to beat Bordeaux 3-0 afterwards, and beat St. Ettiene (we've been battling for 4th and 5th spot for several weeks now), beat Lille 1-0 and then lost to ******* Sochaux 4-1. For some reason I will have one or two games where my defenders just won't defend or they'll call stupid penalties on me after a good run of games.

I was able to recover and beat Monaco, Lens and Auxere to close out the winter break. I'm currently 5th and one point behind St. Ettiene, who seems to take advantage of every chance when I lose points. I'm hoping to break into the top 3, but a European spot would be gratifying enough.

Just as my defense was starting to gel, my star defender, Bruno Ecuele Manga has decided to be a douche and asked to be transfered. I have roughly a week to get rid of him and the teams interested in him are being cheap skates. Man. City offered 10.5M, Liverpool offered 10M and Arsenal offered 9M. His market worth is 24M, though. The board is already pressuring me to sell him, but I would like to sign an adequate replacement, which would mean I need more dough.

Oh yeah, and by the way, after the winter break I play Mersaille and PSG. Greeeeat!


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It's actually a lot harder with a wheel. Just try to remember how hard those Cruisin' USA arcade games were when you were a kid.

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I'm definitely getting NBA2k12 once the price drops or I see a decent used priced one on Amazon. My player mode is amazing.