The Wolf 2005 Evolution Patch PES4 PC - Full Release


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It's still as beautiful, but I'm sure I can point out some things too...

Red and black nets for AC Milan and white and black for Juve? Nice, but not at all realistic. Olimpico is all dark blue and looks totally generic. San Siro is a bit too red.

Also, I find several players with preset face number 161 although they have their real faces in there too.


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I've downloaded all 7 files but whenever i try to extract it, it says file is corrupted. I've re-downloaded them again but it stills fails. I'm already using the latest version of WinRAR. Can anyone help?


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Hi mates! Since today i´ve PES4... i´m a noob and want to install the patch... how can i do it... to which folder i must extract the rar files?


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I think Wolf will do it right after the transfer window close. Before that time, we can try Diggity's.


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new korea

who has the new stats, players, faces and every thing for korea?
ive been editing some of my own stuff on pes4...
if any of you out there has ne new korea stuff plz contact me
my aim : tenken1013
email [email protected]
msn: [email protected]

or if you would like the "up dated" option file of my korean team plz contact me...


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no i didnt
i dont have we8 [well i do its on ps2] and i play pes4 on my idk
if its all possible could u plz give me his stats?


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i think i found some thing wrong w/ the patch...
if i regester a player and i go to edit a player there not there
like for germany ballack is on the team but once you go to edit him on the natinal team hes not there... u have to go to his pro club team to do so...and if u look in germany
there are bunch of players from other a guy from england, finland, and other countries

what is wrong w. it?