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holland home
knight, dont shure what kit model that your dutch kit is

but here england home cfg txt

# Attribute configuration file auto-generated by GDB Manager

collar = yes
logo.location = off
model = 0
name.location = top
name.shape = type1
numbers = "..\num-blue.png" = "..\num-silver.png"
shorts.num-pal.pb = "..\num-blue.png"
shorts.number.location = left


Youth Team
Great job dude,

Too bad my old lapttop can't really take them. Any chance you post some 1024 512 kits??? That I think i can take without performance issues.

Ah one more thing, I love playing boca and river, if u ever run out of requests-------------:mexican:

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Youth Team
ac milan vs inter milan preview *fifa by pk bomb

inter totaly reworked :boyaka: and milan almost totaly reworked 2, see the pictures


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Youth Team
this is request from murazor,

steaua bukurest home kit, this is best i can do, becouse black texture on behind in fifa original kit. i use some litle triks to override that(H) .............btw look o.k. in game :)


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Youth Team
another request:boohoo: :) :) :) :)

besiktas preview *fifa by dimuratti

*can somebody post me besiktas HI QUALITY shirt logo whit hawk or wothever bird it is, becouse i can find anywere, it is good like that, but will be bether whit new HD logo (H) ,tnx

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Youth Team
nicholasnufc;2258722 said:
My earlier request. Newcastle United please

i need to have bether ability to start convert newcastle, becouse is hard kit to convert, same rule from croatia home.
i didnt forget mate, in few days i will start.......... promise:)

btw, i wos find in my hard, away and gk HD newcastle (not my work), if u wanna i will send here