Theend Converted Fifa Hq Kits


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Good Feyenoord kits butt there are some mistakes look at therse pics (the collar isn't good)

and can you make that black kit to?

the end

Youth Team
yeah, it hard to make that collar whit too colors, like barcelona home, if u wanna
similar solution just open png file whit photoshop or similar program and make all collar to transparent, but its not look that good


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Hi Everyone:)
Sorry for off topic but I have one question to "The End"
Where can I get San Siro stadium like is in that picture??
Please give me a link:Bow: Its really important for me!!
Sorry one more time:amika:
Great Stadiums:brow:

the end

Youth Team
if u think whit my turfs san siro i will post u tomorow link

updated ajax whit eredivision logo for league domestic, and one for master league whitout them


the end

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lloydsmart;2272051 said:
Nice HSV kit! Can you re-upload your feyenoord kit, please? I can't seem to access imageshack. Thanks. :)

yes i will put eredivision version and one whit out them, like ajax kit

later in the day :) btw , started newcastle away and i wos finish final udated inter home whit rest logos whit bether quality looking now