this is weird..


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i just bought PES3..abt a couple of wks ago and... why does the commentator address the players by their shirt numbers?

well not for all countries... like czech republic... netherlands... he calls them by their number?? is it a bug or somethin?

soz i m new to this game

and the names of the holland players are not in english ..van nistelrooy is van mistelrooum??

how can i fix this?


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as you can easily appreciate, it's not possible to add a commentary name to all players present in the game, so it's easier to call players with their shirt numbers who don't have a proper commentary name.

and the second question, konami does not have all the licences in the game. that's why some team and player names are changed into closer/different names. if you have the pc version, you have the solution at some sites that are already mentioned here before. just roam a bit and you can find them. I'd recommend