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Senior Squad
TIP = The israeli patch

12 groups the premier league

6 groups from the seceond devision

israel national team

the young israel national team

pes galaxy team including the surfers of the site

outfit home, away to all the groups including the national team

4 outfits to all group

[minikits] to all of the groups of the israeli league

audience chants are adapted to all the league

israeli adboards just in the situation of the israeli league

celebrations analogues to reality

supporters color are adjusted to the bunches

new boots

goalkeeper gloves

a recitation of the league name at the start of season

exact details (height, age...)

above 150 real faces of the israeli players

new menus music

special flags to the specific team audience

new openscreen

league situation including the state cup

online game with the israeli teams

the league replace the ervedise

bney yehoda vs. hapoel ako goes on the field

yossi benayoun in the menu players

there is abug on the combinations kits ..

because we forgot the pallete so there will be afix patch

download link:



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