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Hi All

Well, this is only a declaration of principles that i guess that all the comunitty and overall facemakers must to keep in mind.
There´s a lot of people making faces, ones have more experience others are just started. But im dissapointed how in some cases people from the same comunitty critice of a non sense way to other people that are starting on this.

Is the case of people that start to make faces, and when they want constructive opinions, sometimes only recibe bad criticism for part of some people, people that deserves not too much in this comunitty when they does not apport anything to the starting guy, all the opossite, they start to make absurd criticism and inclusive saying that his work is better than konami one (yes, for this reason this guys are written in this forum and not are in Tokyo...ahem)

Im claming to be a bit human, to help to the people that starts in this, and if you dont like they work, is ok, but apport something to that newbies can be make better and better each time.
This is only a HOBBY, please, dont make like children, we like to edit, we enjoy with it, and comparations or defects, intead of help, is a bad thing for the comunitty.

Take care m8s

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big al

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aleluya :) ; and to add to that i think the mods should think on making a separate forum for facemakers ; like neovico says their s a lot of new facemakers and more coming and getting very crowed and it s hard to keep track on everybodys work.


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@ neovico,

if you mean me now, I do find that unfair, I practice a criticism, I to legend only my own opinion. if this sounds too hard, then I apologize, but this is now my opinion. and to it one can change also nothing. me that is people is clear here, which begin straight only, but straight this one must say, which is somewhat wrong.

and I said and also the reason to these people, who am bad their faces, to it....(if you read threads).

I am not perfect also. and the thing with mine henry face, which should being it better than of konami, I expressed myself probably wrongly. I meant, who look more alive it, because of the color pallete.

apology however my English is not particularly good, because comes from Germany.

thus people, if I express "criticism", not attacked then feels you, it is a matter only of the work, not around the person.

and neovico, that is not specifies like children, but like normal humans ......


that I do not find, who people are insulted, I support it soch if I to legend, which good I do not find the faces. I find it good if it ever more face creators give, then one can help oneself nevertheless mutually. that is my intention, "criticizing"....:)



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Oh Berlingopower... your behaviour is so arrogant :rolleyes:

Maybe you can't express your opionion in the right words, but express criticism with always saying words like "all is very bad" and "my is better" and "yours is totally destroyed" ... that doen't work... :rolleyes:

In your posts I can always see a secret messege like "You can do what you want, I'm the best"

I think you are out of place! :rolleyes: