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Trademark Celebrations


Starting XI
Some players in FIFA have their default trademark celebrations that you can't perform with any other players.

Have seen any? I bet there are more.

So far I've seen three trademark celebrations: Ronaldinho, Lisandro Lopez, Oscar.


Bubble Gum

Youth Team
Сahill has one, Henry has at least one, in older versions he had 3 variants, many star players have their own celebrations but I don't know how to perform them...


Starting XI
But both Cahill and Messi celebrations can be performed by other players, can't they?


Club Supporter
After scoring a goal just press the passing button,and in most cases they will do their assigned celebration. Giovinco, Totti, Pato, Vidal, Di Maria, and a lot of other players.


Starting XI
All the celebrations you've mentioned can be performed by other players.
Score a goal with Ronaldo, press the buttons and he wil perform a Totti thumbsuck.

And you can't do a Ronaldinho or Pazzini celebration with Ronaldo.


Club Supporter
Can't we change that with Creation Master? Running Styles, Finishing Styles... for example, Suarez has Running Style nr. 9. Benatia has that same style of celebration, we give him that same number as Suarez and it works in game. So check numbers of Ronaldinho and give it for a player who you want... in Creation Master 14 it works very good... ;)