Types of Chairmen


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Thereare five types of chairman in the game:

* Interfering Buying Chairman
* Ambitious Chairman
* Interfering Selling Chairman
* Cautious Chairman
* Normal Chairman

Interfering Buying Chairman:

For this to happen the club involved must have a chairman with a HIGH interference attribute, have a financial state of RICH and have a reasonably high club reputation.

Then for a chairman to indicate his desire for a couple of world class signings, the chairman of that club has to have some doubt's about the manager in terms of board confidence. (i.e Board Confidence less than Very Pleased)

Known club's in the game that CAN have an interfering chairman are: Chelsea / Real Madrid / Lyon / Fenebahce / Inter Milan / AC Milan

A known issue with the 5.0.3 patch was some of these chairman we're going overboard with thier newly found transfer muscles and splashing more cash than was actually available to them via the club's bank balance. This was a mistake, we are sorry that it happened, but it has now been fixed, and is actually in the patch build which is currently available from this site. So, if you are seeing this problem, redownload the patch, and it should be fixed.

Another known issue was from save games which were started before patch 5.0.3 was installed. This was that some club's which have chairman which didn't have an interference atribute set in our DB, had an arbituary value set for them. This in turn mean't that in rare cases a chairman of a club, such as arsenal could act as an interfering buying chairman. For games started after patch 5.0.3 was installed on thier machines this is not a problem. We cannot fix old saved games that are having this issue - sorry.

Ambitious Chairman:

For this to happen the club involved must have a chairman with high ambition/resources attributes. Also the club's finances must be of a decent level and the club must have the potential to grow into a bigger club. And to cap this off the chairman will not appraoch you to sign a high profile player if he doesn't have confidence in you.

A common misconception flying around at the moment is that an ambitious chairman will sign players for you. This is entirely false. All an ambitious chairman will do is state his desire for a high profile signing and state that if you don't have enough transfer funds available, he will allow the club's bank balance to be used to make up the difference, providing there is enough money available in the bank.

The kind of clubs that this will happen with are those with ambitious boards, so the likes of Birmingham, Tottenham, Gretna etc.

Interfering Selling Chairman:

For this to happen the club involved must have a chairman with a HIGH interference attribute, as well as a HIGH business accumen attribute. The club must also be in a precarious state financially (both finances and wages).

For a chairman to start selling players behind the managers back, he will first give the manager a warning to reduce the wage bill, and if not he will take matters into his own hands and try to reduce the wage bill himself through player sales. This will not happen if the chairman confidence in you very pleased or above.

At the start of a new game there are NO known interfering selling chairman.

Cautious Chairman:

All a cautious chairman will do is try and persuade you not to sign a player who he thinks you are paying too much money for. This will be apparent in the transfer completion news item.

Normal Chairman

As normal from before patch 5.0.3.

I hope this covers any misunderstanding, and also hope that none of our competitors ever look at this thread, as we've given away far too much information about the design aspect of this, but wanted to clarify the situation as a number of misconeptions seem to be occuring.

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