UCL - Real Madrid C.F. vs. Arsenal F.C. {P & R}


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pede54 said:
I've gotta go for Madrid because i think they will be fielding more Englishmen than Arsenal........ :funny:
haha (H) thats so true!

for the game I expect a tough battle between the 2 sides and its hard to predict coz both teams could be so unpredictible at times :S. Anyways I'll go for a madrid win even if Arsenal have a fair chance of winning.

Madrid 2 - 1 Arsenal
Beckham, Woodgate, Henri


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i dont know what to expect... i think its gonna be a blowout either way

could be madrid 4-2, could be arsenal 3-0...

my guess, and i know its extremely far-fetched, is madrid 1-4 arsenal (or maybe 1-3)

(reviving an old prediction) :ewan:


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3-0 Arsenal

Henry 2x

I expect another Madrid's dissapointment and Caro taken the blame himself. Ramos & Woodgate are just a step too slow for Henry or Walcott. Also expect Fabregas to dominate the Midfield. I just want to Madrid to fail.


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Probably not going to be here til after the match so...




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its got to be a spectacle tonight. but more importantly, we have to win :).
less than 2 hours to go!


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Eng4WorldCup said:
not only is he injured, hes not spanish either
Yes he is. He grew up in Seville and played for three clubs in La Liga before going to Arsenal. He could have played for the Spanish NT but he was snagged by his birth country first. When soccer commentary is in Spanish they very frequently refer to a player by his hometown (ex. they call Jesus Navas "el de los palacios.") When they refer to Lauren they call him, "El sevillano."


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Seems like there is a bit of Arsenal fans predicting a high winning game in their favor...hmmm. Almost gametime, hopefully its a great game.