UEFA Champions League 2004—2005 HD Edition / REMASTER / RESTORATION


The game, for some reason, decompresses DXT-packed textures.
But there are some limitations and it can't decompress large textures.
So if you want to use 1024 textures, they must be uncompressed.


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The game, for some reason, decompresses DXT-packed textures.
But there are some limitations and it can't decompress large textures.
So if you want to use 1024 textures, they must be uncompressed.

So you re saying to import fsh files into big files and let them be uncompressed? I think I tried that the other day and it crashed.


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Yes, FIFA Manager 06 and I think Fifa Manager 07 use the same game engine as FIFA 2005 and Ch.L. 04-05.

Having taken a closer look, I am bothered that you can't have 2ga kits because the game crushes. I ve ven tried 1.5ga, it still doesn't work. You could of course use 2ga kit just for your team. I think you can do 2ga banners though.

I also wish that we could convert all stadiums from other FIFA versions and even add more to the game. I wish I knew coding, because it shouldn't be hard for someone to reverse engineer the game that way.

I think it's to do with the coding for the stadium filenames (which are unique to each ID). In common.ini, they have specific numbers for each daylight setting (cd,od,cn,sn).

// stadium number - if commented out, will inherit the stadium from the options. Valid options 4-8
// Old_trafford_cd 107
// Old_trafford_od 108
// Old_trafford_cn 109
// Bernabeau_cd 111
// Bernabeau_cn 113
// Gerland_cd 119
// Gerland_cn 121
// SanSiro_cd 123
// SanSiro_cn 125
// CampNou_cd 127
// CampNou_cn 129
// Highbury_cd 131
// Highbury_od 132
// Highbury_cn 133
// Alpi_cd 135
// Alpi_cn 137
// Westfalen_cd 139
// Westfalen_od 140
// Westfalen_cn 141
// Mestalla_cd 143
// Mestalla_cn 145
// Olimpico_cd 147
// Olimpico_cn 149

// BayArena_cd 151
// BayArena_od 152
// BayArena_cn 153
// Anfield_cd 155
// Anfield_od 156
// Anfield_cn 157
// Princes_cd 159
// Princes_od 160
// Princes_cn 161
// Amsterdam_cd 163
// Amsterdam_od 164
// Amsterdam_cn 165
// Bollaert_cd 167
// Bollaert_od 168
// Bollaert_cn 169
// Stock_cd 171
// Stock_od 172
// Stock_cn 173

// Olympia_cd 115
// Olympia_cn 117
// Samiyen_cd 175
// Samiyen_cn 177

Found some other ones in my FIFA 2005 patch:
// stadium number - if commented out, will inherit the stadium from the options. Valid options 4-8
// Old_trafford_od 1
// Old_trafford_cn 2
// Bernabeau_cd 3
// Bernabeau_cn 4
// Olympia_od 5
// Olympia_cn 6
// Gerland_cd 7
// Gerland_cn 8
// SanSiro_cd 9
// SanSiro_cn 10
// CampNou_cd 11
// CampNou_sn 12
// Highbury_od 13
// Highbury_cn 14
// Alpi_cd 15
// Alpi_cn 16
// Westfalen_od 17
// Westfalen_cn 18
// Mestalla_cd 19
// Mestalla_cn 20
// Olimpico_cd 21
// Olimpico_cn 22
// BayArena_od 23
// BayArena_cn 24
// Anfield_cd 25
// Anfield_cn 26
// Princes_cd 27
// Princes_cn 28
// Amsterdam_od 29
// Amsterdam_cn 30
// Bollaert_od 31
// Bollaert_cn 32
// Stock_od 33
// Stock_cn 34
// SamiYen_cd 35
// SamiYen_cn 36

//Bonus Stadiums
// Wembley_od 37
// Wembley_cn 38
// France_cd 39
// France_sn 40
// Allians_od 41
// Allians_cn 42
// Yokohama_cd 43
// Yokohama_sn 44
// Seoul_cd 45
// Seoul_sn 46

// StamfordBridge_cd 59
// StamfordBridge_od 60
// StamfordBridge_cn 61

// Velodrome_cd 62
// Velodrome_od 63
// Velodrome_cn 64

// AufSchalke_od 66
// AufSchalke_cn 67

// Razior_cd 68
// Razior_cn 70

// Hamburg_cd 98
// Hamburg_od 99
// Hamburg_cn 100

// Calderon_cd 101
// Calderon_od 102
// Calderon_cn 103


You need to edit 3 files:
game database - fifa.db
meta database - meta.db
scene file - bescene.cs

1) fifa.db - stadium basic information and team assignment.

For each stadium there's a unique database ID.
For example, for Highbury it's 7. The ID and basic stadium information is defined in fifa.db/stadiums table

Then, this ID can be used in fifa.db/teams table to assign the stadium to specific team:

2) bescene.cs - stadium scene configuration
Each stadium and stadium lighting (day/night/overcast) has its own scene.
Scene entry defines which models/textures to load.
Each stadium scene entry has its unique ID. For Highbury these IDs are:
131 - Clear Day
132 - Overcast Day
133 - Clear Night

3) meta.db - additional stadium information and scene assignment
There are 3 tables related to stadiums in meta.db:
stadiumdata - additional stadium information (default lighting, pitch pattern etc.)

stadiumcolours - banners and crowd colors

and finally, stadiummodelmap - where scene IDs for each lighting are assigned


So you re saying to import fsh files into big files and let them be uncompressed? I think I tried that the other day and it crashed.
Now when there's an Asset Loader for CL 04/05, you don't need to use .big files and tools.
Simply put your files into data/assets folder.


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@Iliya_Samuel which tools do you use for database and .big files?
Is there something like a Creation Master for CL 04/05?

Greetings. I answer with a long delay, but I had no other time.
To edit the database I use only UniDB 4.0. I haven't had any problems with this program yet. Oddly enough, other programs usually make incomprehensible changes, even when you just entered the program and exited without saving, but the hash sum of the file changed for some reason. Therefore, I opted for UniDB 4.0. I don’t trust other programs. UniDB isn't perfect either, though. But other programs are more suspicious in their behavior, and sometimes affect files that should not have changed at all.

For simple steps to export and import .big files, I use bigGUI. I think this program is a fairly reliable tool for simple file manipulation. However, in order to work with the more difficult part that concerns file system of the game, I consider only "fifafs", since, according to the developers of this program, only it can work with the file structure of the game correctly, but their guide to working with version that supports for the Champions League was not informative enough. So after some not very successful attempts to add faces, shapes and a ball, I put this on the back burner. At the moment, there is still not enough free time to carry out real research work. But now you have made an Asset Loader for this game. Thank you for such a gift! I will begin to explore its possibilities.

For the proram CreationCentre (Master) 2005 there was also, released a special version supported of the Champions League. But it's hard to find she on the net. Plus, I don't recommend anyone use she for editing, because any version CreationCentre (Master) 2005 cripples the game's file system. It seems to me that this applies to all their releases for any FIFA series, although I have not checked this fact. Therefore, my recommendation is that it is convenient to use it only for viewing resources. I have the first CC(M)2005 version with Champions League support, but for some reason it doesn't work as expected even after fixing in the registry. I can post the program itself here if anyone is interested. However, the operation of this program with game resources most likely will unpredictable. It program also naturally supports FIFA 2005, and is very convenient for browsing resources and databases in game. But I would not recommend editing the game with help this program. And I advise you not to quit she in the usual way by closing the program window, it is better to kill she it through the task manager. Because after normal browsing of resources, some files in the game may change.
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@Dmitri , do you know how the values in the filesnames of stadiums are calculated?

For example, each .o model has different numerical code at the end of the filename.


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I don't know. I think they are not important.

BTW, I looked today inside meta.db tables. There are scene ids for Olimpico Roma, Olympia Munich & Sami Yen stadiums.

11 Stadium ID is Olimpico Roma in old FIFA, so:

// Olimpico_cd 147
// Olimpico_cn 149

are the same like in meta.db. Are there any references to Olimpico in bescene.cs ?

115, 116 & 117 are Olympia Munich cd, od & cn scene IDs.

175, 176 & 177 are the same for Samiyen.

Also, how to open/read .cs file? I tried today with Virtual Studio, but it did not recognise .cs file type. :(

EDIT: Stadiums after ID 18 and before new ones 101 & 102 use the same scene ID like in FIFA. So AufSchalke: 65,66,67 for cd,od,cn & Riazor: 68,70 for cd,cn.


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@Dmitri Did you make conversion of Lucio face? I have bought him for my Arsenal team for The Season mode.



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There are hidden teams with commentary lines:

- Lokomotiv Moscow (100765)
- Partizan Belgrade (101077)
- AEK Athens (278)
- Besiktas (327)


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These teams played in 2003-04 UEFA Champions League. Maybe related.
I went through all the minifaces & there is hidden miniface (possibly face file too) for Ilhan Mansiz under ID 144260 - he was Besiktas player in 04-05 season.


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He wasn't. In 2004 he transferred to Japan. He was a crucial player for Besiktas in 2003-04 season, probably the face is done after that.

Besiktas led the league 2003-04 in January, with a high possibility of a CL appearance. However, they eventually fell off to 3rd place.

Probably a set-up for Besiktas here.