UEFA Euro 2012 DLC - Unlicensed Roster Update Patch


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RobbieD_PL, I'm sorry if I bother you but i'm here to ask you to release your update with new rosters for Euro 2012. Your last update was simply great but this new roster from EA still is not good.

I hope you will release it soon because lot of people is waiting like me and hope to see it today. I really like your work.


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It will only include updates for the 15 finalist teams, plus adding the two goalkeepers to the UKR squads. (which i already updated in the previous release.)


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RobbieD_PL;3246694 said:
It will only include updates for the 15 finalist teams, plus adding the two goalkeepers to the UKR squads. (which i already updated in the previous release.)

it's enough, Robbie:33vff3o:


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ok i agree, robbie is creator and he's deciding when he will put it on. but robbie have to be proud that he's patch is so expected and that people checking forum for new updates all the time especially in this 2 days. it's really award for good (great) work.

we can only hope it will be released before start of euro. personally i can't wait to start euro competition with real rosters.

cheers from portugal


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UEFA EURO 2012 DLC - Unlicensed & Finalists Roster Update Patch - by RobbieD_PL


NB: This patch is for the UEFA EURO 2012 DLC only, not for the regular FIFA12 game.
It is supported by all languages specific to that add-on: Polish, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and German.

All Rosters by RobbieD_PL
All Banners by EA from WC2010

1. Copy all files to the Game/data folder of FIFA12 and overwrite when prompted.

This patch updates the unlicensed, generic rosters in the UEFA EURO 2012 DLC for the following 24 teams:
- Albania
- Andorra
- Armenia
- Azerbaijan
- Belarus
- Bosnia
- Estonia
- Faroe Islands
- FYR Macedonia
- Georgia
- Iceland
- Kazakhstan
- Latvia
- Liechtenstein
- Lithuania
- Luxembourg
- Malta
- Moldova
- Montenegro
- San Marino
- Serbia
- Slovakia
- Ukraine
- Wales

### Updated rosters and stats for all 15 originally licensed finalist teams' 23-man squads as per EA's online update of 2/07/2012; including formations, player numbers and player roles. Ukraine has updated substitute goalkeepers from Oleh Blokhin's 23-man squad.

Hidden EA minifaces for licensed players from Estonia, Faroe Islands and Serbia

Specific Player Faces are included by default FIFA12 files for certain players from:
Belarus (1; Aliaksandr Hleb)
Bosnia (3; Asmir Begović, Miralem Pjanić and Edin Džeko)
Iceland (1; Eidur Gudjohnsen)
Latvia (1; Andrejs Rubins)
Serbia (4; Nikola Žigić, Marko Pantelić, Branislav Ivanović and Aleksandar Kolarov)
Ukraine (3; Andriy Shevchenko, Andriy Voronin and Anatoliy Tymoschuk) and
Wales (4; Craig Bellamy, James Collins, Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey)

95% of newly added players for all teams have specific commentary

Two new pairs of boots converted from FIFA11: #162: (Filip Šebo - Slovakia) and #201: (Andriy Shevchenko - Ukraine)

Licensed Rosters are also compatible with Expedition Mode. (NB: Existing Expeditions already begun with original rosters + generic players will crash)

New Licensed banners for all the above listed teams as well as the following teams:
- Belgium
- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Finland
- Greece
- Poland
- Romania
- Russia
- Slovenia
- Switzerland
- Turkey
- Hungary
- Netherlands

Updated kits' name and number colours/fonts for all teams


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Hi Robbie,

I copy all files on Game/Data but I don't overwrite nothing.

I had not shoe, kit and banner folders...I put the euro.db files on db folder.

I supose I am not doing well.

Thanks for your patience.



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You have to extract all the files from the euro.bigs and copy them into the Game folder, then remove the euro.bigs from their original location, then copy over my patch files into the Game folder


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Updated link with all three Korean referees removed and all four Brazilian referees changed to Portuguese ones! :D


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In the game in UEFA dlc menu appear *EU_MM_KICKOFF for example.

Need I extracted the language databases beforehand using DBM12?

Is this the problem? How I do it in DBMaster12?