UK MOD | Brazil FIFA 16 Patch

Mateus Guedes

Youth Team
Hello guys, this is my first patch. It is also a simple fix to generic kits Brazilian teams (especially the goalkeepers).

The first patch of the universe Kits for FIFA 16 is available, know the features below.

The Universe Kits MOD is a patch that fixes and adds new graphics packs to your FIFA 16. We have no intention of changing any default setting of your game, so we just complement to your experience while playing is as realistic as possible.

• What is the Universo Kits MOD?
As the name suggests, the UK MOD, is a patch developed by Universe Kits for FIFA 16 with the intention of leaving your gameplay as much as possible authentic.

• The UK MOD alter original game features?
No, the UK MOD only adds new feature to your game, check out the changelog and find out what has changed from version to version.

• Can I play online with the UK MOD?
Yes, as the patch does not change any line the base of the FIFA date, you can continue playing online with no problem.

• When installing the UK MOD, I lose my "save" the Career Mode?
No, the safe installation mode, together with the i68Regenerator prevents saved files get corrupted.

• Can I use the UK MOD combined with other patches ??
Patch was developed in a clean version of FIFA 16, not testing in conjunction with other patches, testing at your own risk and leave your comment so that other users have the information.

For more information leave your comment or contact on our Facebook page.

• Changelog:
- Correction Kits (Overrides generic kits goalkeepers in the FIFA 16 by authentic kits for Brazilian teams)
- Added 16 minikits for Brazilian teams.

• Installation:
- Download the installation file (UK MOD.exe)
- Install normally as any other program.
- When prompted for the folder where it will be installed, be sure to select the path to the DATA folder in the root folder of FIFA 16 (C:\Program Files(x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 16\data).
- At the end of the installation you should use the i68Suite (download here) to regenerate the game files and make no mistakes will happen.

If you follow all the steps carefully, certainly the patch will work perfectly.

• Credits:
Kits: Angelo, Éder Dias, Guztaev, Jean Freid, Mateus Guedes and Spica.
Minikits: Mateus Guedes
.Rx3 Files: Anderson de Azevedo
Installer: Mateus Guedes

• Information:
Installer size: 12,4mb
Patch after the installation: 283mb (approximately)
Download Server: MediaFire
Originally distributed in:

Axé pra todo mundo! (Y)


Youth Team
Nice Gk kits for the Brazilian teams, keep the good work

Otimos uniformes de goleiros para os times do brasil, continuem com o bom trabalho