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Ukrainian Premier League Patch (UPL 13) By fifamanager.com.ua


Youth Team
Hi guys:33vff3o:
Today i am happy to present you, our latest patch - UPL 13 1.0.

Patch include:
1. All 16 UPL teams.(replace Poland Extraklassa)
2. Ukraine and Croatia national teams.(replace Poland and Hungary)
3. Real home, away, GK and third kits.
4. More than 100 high quality faces.
5. Real adboards, flags and banners to all teams
6. Ukraine League and Cup are featured in both Career Mode and Tournament Mode.
7. Specific scoreboard.
8. 2 teams from Ukraine in UCL and 3 in EL, like a real.
9. Added new video preview, menu pics and career pics.
10. Latest rosters and accurate skills.
11. Tournament realistic schedule.
12. Retro kits.

only ENG and RUS game mode compatible!
Authors: fifamanager.com.ua team (-Ukr N-, Alex G, alex.ua, BOJARsky, Curtin, RuS Yalta, Wied)

Special thanks to:
• darrek1988 for schedule;
• iard68 for FIFA 13 Regenerator;
• scouser09 for Revolution Mod 13;
• regularcat for Logo and pitch;
• Rinaldo for DB Master and Creation Master;
• thebaddie for Creation Studio 13.

DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.moddingway.com/file/30834.html

If you have trouble with team names you need to download this 0.3, install it, than install 1.0.

some screens:


Club Supporter
Ukr_n;3377729 said:
...2. Ukraine and Croatia national teams.(replace Poland and Hungary)

OMG! New UPL - old problems: if your want to play EURO2012 - another fail.
When the creators of the patches already started using brain? :facepalm:


Club Supporter
Another patch! that's great, with every year there are more patch of our league :) but i hope the developers will finally put UPL (or atleast the best teams in rest of world) in FIFA 14


Youth Team
my game crashes when i start a player career or manger career in fifa 13 with the league teams.... any fix for this ?


Youth Team
oli70;3433620 said:
In career mode I can't buy new players

you must delete all files in FIFA 13\Game\dlc\dlc_FootballCompEng\dlc\FootballCompEng\data and regenerate. than it is ok


Club Supporter
Thank you for sharing with all this excellent work.
Terms of a feather always substitute other leagues.
Long life issues in Ukraine.

the Leper King

Club Supporter
Thanks RC. Do you know if Ukraine was added in or just substituted for another country? I'm trying to do the same with Tunisia but I'm not sure I'm doing it right. I really don't need to see a map of Tunisia like they did here with Ukraine, I just want to scout there. I'd maybe like to see the name of Tunisia on the screen but that's about it.