Ultima 2004 !


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Originally posted by makat
here some balls love to see
I thought you were gonna show us the Asian one that rocks and the Copa America one?

I've seen the ones you posted already and was looking forward to seeing something new.


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ouh sorry the ball that i think thats its for asain its just for copa not for asain :(
but the copa america ones its really really ROCK
i cant find its pic anywhere

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hmmmm dunno for sure..
but cause of about 200 2GK kits,
it will be pretty heavy. about 100Mb.
it's not a real big deal if you d/l it with DSL...


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oh boy !!!
So maybe I won't be able to download it sorry......
Too big with a 56k dial-up modem like mine...:(


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what for teams are 100% complete and what for teams are in progress?

Can you give all the people the clubs there 100% complete and a list with the progressing teams.

Please give us a list, because you won't said the release date it is a reconciliation for the release date or you said us the release date.


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Originally posted by Hovercrip04
what are you mean makat
He mean the patch will take ages to download for people that have 56k. It will be about 100mb. But you can download it if you got 56k anyway


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Just wait people, don't lose your patience.

The first Ultima took quite some time, and in the end it was a great patch.;)


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actually there isn't anything we can to about the size of the patch...
high class = big size...

and for the guys with 56Kb connection-you might ask a frien to burn the patch to CD for you :)